To The Strongest at Essex Warriors

At our meeting on 19th July Simon Miller, author of To The Strongest, visited the club and ran two  iterations of a game using his rules. The rules have some innovative mechanisms which kept players on their toes.

The game was based on the Battle of Nicopolis fought in 48 BC between  Pharnaces of Pontus,  son of King Mithridates, and Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus, the Legate appointed by Caesar to command Roman forces in Asia. With beautifully painted 28m figures on the table (Pontic pike phalanxes 72 strong!) the game was certainly impressive visually too.

Quite  a few Essex Warriors took part and a good time was had by all, even those of us who were losing, as you can tell by the smiling face of our President!

Club member Steve Dix has more photos on his blog atÂ

To the Strongest Team 19 JulDSCN2660DSCN2656DSCN2655DSCN2669DSCN2671S