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Additional Meeting 24th April

We have managed to book an additional club meeting at Writtle Village Hall on 24th April. This date was originally taken by another user who has since cancelled their booking. So we are now back to two meetings in April.

The 24th April meeting will be held in the main hall only, as will all the meetings from now until 2nd October, apart from the 15th May meeting which will use both halls.We did originally book the 18th September meeting in both halls but have now reduced that booking to just the main hall in order to partially offset the cost of the additional April meeting.

Essex Warriors Committee

Essex Warriors Full Re-opening on 1st August

Essex Warriors full re-opening on 1st August

Next Sunday 1st August will be our first nearly normal meeting and we will return to normal timings, opening the doors at 9:30 am and closing around 4:30 pm (or earlier if the last game finishes before then).

Although legal restrictions have been lifted by government, we still need to exercise some caution. The Hall Management has asked that we limit attendance to no more than 30 people in the Main Hall and 15 people in the Small Hall, which seems eminently achievable given that our total membership is 46 and we have never seen more than 30 at a meeting!

Everyone will of course be aware of the government guidance following the lifting of legal restrictions. Building on that guidance we have set out our own recommendations:

  1. Do not attend if you have been told to self isolate, have shown a positive test or are showing any symptoms of Covid. If you feel unwell at a meeting then there is a Covid procedure which we will need you to follow.
  2. We will retain our sign-in sheet for the time being for Track and Trace purposes.
  3. Ventilation: Doors and windows must be left open and the fans should not be used.
  4. We recommend frequent cleaning and hand washing. We have a supply of sanitiser and cleaning materials to sanitise tables before and after use.
  5. Avoid large gatherings. People should not congregate in groups inside.It is much safer to talk in groups outside. In the past the kitchen area has proved a choke point so please try to keep this area clear. The kitchen area can now be used by members.
  6. While it is no longer compulsory to wear a face covering, individuals may wish to do so in the same way as they might do in any other public space. We will leave that decision up to each individual’s judgement.

We have taken a booking on both halls for the rest of this year’s meetings, namely: 1st, 15th and 29th August, 12th and 26th September, 10th and 24th October, 7th and 14th November, 5th and 19th December.

We are currently negotiating next year’s booking dates with the Hall and hope to arrange a full programme of 24 to 25 meetings as usual.

Finally, we look forward to a return to something approaching normality and to seeing you at the club again soon.

Essex Warriors Committee

Essex Warriors Reopening on 4th July 2021 for limited numbers

Following last Monday’s government announcement extending the lockdown restrictions for a further four weeks, the Committee met to consider the implications for our planned meetings for 4th and 18th July. We have decided to go ahead with opening on those days but with limited numbers in accordance with government guidelines.

Although we normally only use the Main Hall in the summer months, we had booked both halls in anticipation of increased demand after a long absence. This means we can have up to six players in the Main Hall and up to six in the Small Hall but those groups must not mingle. Attendance at these July meetings will be restricted to members only; no visitors will be allowed. In order to manage numbers, intending players must book a table by sending Mike Fitzsimmons an email specifying the date required, the name(s)of their opponent, and the number of tables required. Attendees will of course be required to comply with all government and village hall restrictions. The full conditions of re-opening arrangements have been emailed to members today.

Hopefully we will be able to reopen fully for our August meetings, providing the government go ahead with the planned lifting of restrictions on 19th July. In the meantime we hope these limited opening arrangements will provide a welcome gaming opportunity for those members who are keen to take advantage of it.

Essex Warriors Committee

Latest News on A Writtle Bit of Lard 30th September 2018

A Writtle Bit of Lard is an Essex Warriors event showcasing Two Fat Lardies rules. The event will take place on 30th September 2018 at Writtle Village Hall, The Green, Writtle Essex, CM1 3DU. There is Free parking across the road from the club

Admission is free. We are open from 9am to 5 pm for general visitors. Games will be setting up from 8.30am.

Free Tea and coffee will be available. The club will not be providing any catering services but there is a Co-op store nearby, as well as a number of pubs, cafes and restaurants.

We have invited a number of other clubs to  put on a number of  Two Fat Lardies games. Richard Clarke of TFL will grace us with his presence.

Clubs attending

Wigmore Warriors “What a Tanker” 20mm Normandy 1944

Nantwich, “What a Tanker”

Loughton Strike Force, “General D’Armee” 15mm Quatre Bras

Gravesend Wargames Club, Chain of Command, Belgium 1940

Richard Clarke, of Lardies fame: He will Surprise us on the day..

From Essex Warriors

Henry Dennis, putting on, ‘I Ain’t Been Shot Mum” 15mm WW2

Richard Lewis, ‘What A Tanker” 28mm Western Desert 1941

Tony McVaddy, “General D’Armee” 15mm Bautzen

Steve Dix, “Sharp Practice” 28mm Napoleonic

Free flat table sale: We have a stage area which we have put over the sale of private goods. This will be the sole responsibility of seller, and the club can not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. Goods should be priced with the owner’s contact details and where to find them on the day.

We will also be taking photos and video during the day for use on our Website and Facebook pages. If you don’t want to appear on screen  please advise our camera lady.

If you want to sign up in advance for a game please e-mail  but if you just want to drop in please do and we will see if we can sort you out a game.

Above all please enjoy the day

Essex Warriors at Salute 2017

The Essex Warriors ‘Battle of Prague’ game at Salute was very well received with loads of pictures and even videos taken so watch out for coverage online and in the wargaming press.

Many thanks to Rafael for organising the game and to Allan, Jason, Peter G & Les for their help in playing the game and talking to spectators all day. Also thanks to the other Warriors who dropped in on the day to lend their  support and give the main team a break.

We certainly reached a world wide audience this year with two residents of Prague who are actually re-fighting the battle on the battlefield in a couple of weeks time being very impressed. We also had visitors from Australia, Spain, USA, Colombia, France and the Netherlands to name but a few.

Essex Warriors at SELWG

Many thanks to Les, Richard and Andrew for organising the game, figures and terrain for SELWG this year. Also thanks to Peter, Jason and Richard for their help running the game on the day.

The game was well received and everyone had a good time.

Open Day Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who helped out at the Open Day this year. We would particularly like to thank Joyce, Bob and Peter Latter for their help with the canteen and those members who brought home made treats including Sue and Andrew. Thanks also to Tim, Peter Kemp and Dave for their sterling work on the Bring and Buy.

We also had some great games that showcased the club and what we can do.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out, but my thanks to all involved


Peter Grimwood

Secretary Essex Warriors